Allergy testing and Immunotherapy

Adults and children as young as three years old can be tested. Testing for allergies can be especially helpful for patients who suffer asthma, sinusitis, hives, dermatitis (skin irritation), eczema, hay fever and other allergic symptoms.

Allergy skin testing typically is reliable for diagnosing allergies and airborne substances. You will be tested for the 48 most geographically specific mold and airborne allergens in your area. We will test for products from dust mites, proteins for pet hair and dander, molds, trees, grass and weed pollens.

Allergen immunotherapy is a form of treatment aimed to decrease your sensitive to substances called allergens. The course of immunotherapy varies by individual. One in five people suffer from symptomatic allergies. Up to 85% of patients who have undergone immunotherapy have received a complete cure or noticeable reduction to allergy symptoms

Allergy testing is administered in our office and takes approximately 30 minutes. The test consists of a tiny comb that gently scratches the skin surface. After about 15 minutes, if you are allergic, you will develop a red, raised bump on the skin, similar to a mosquito bite.

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